healthGuest Blogger | Kalein’ It, “What I Ate Today...A Day of Clean Eats with Juiceman”

Friday, September 16, 2016 12:00 PM

These types of posts have always fascinated and terrified me! I can’t help but read them when other bloggers post them, or watch when YouTubers lead us through a day in the kitchen, but I never put one together myself because quite frankly, no day is the same. But when partnering with Juiceman to show a day of eats, I figured why not show you a day of eats using their products.

So, 2 meals, 1 green juice that I paired with a salad to make a meal, and a hell of a lot of blending later…here’s what a day looks like for me…or at least what this past Monday looked like when I created all these meals and took these photos.


Breakfast is my FAVORITE. I need it. You know those people that wake up and are like “just not hungry in the morning.” Yeah, I’m not one of those people. I wake up hungry, and my body craves vibrant, whole foods. I will admit, not everyday ends as healthy as it begins, and you might see that today but it starts with a power packed breakfast of fruit, superfoods, and healthy fats.

My new Express Whole Juicer from Juiceman inspired me to make nut milk. My own, yup. It’s not as hard as you may think! I blended soaked almonds flavored with whole vanilla bean, drained, voila.

I’ll provide a full tutorial eventually, but this is about the dish and the nut milk was just the fantastic

Next, I made gluten free oats, topped with fresh organic strawberries, ripe banana, cinnamon (great for blood sugar- so I add to breakfast), almond butter, and there’s some Chia thrown in there too.

Although most days start with a cleansing green smoothie, I couldn’t help but make a warm bowl of oats that provide plenty of fuel as I start my morning.


I’m usually pretty hungry by lunch, but because of my hearty breakfast, I chose a simple romaine salad with carrot, cucumber, red onion, sunflower seeds and a drizzle of balsamic. Then, I got to juicing.

In this green juice made with Juiceman’s Power Plus Compact Juicer with Citrus Attachment. I added the following:

1 cucumber

1 organic green apple

2 cups organic spinach

2 cups organic kale

1 inch fresh ginger

4 stalks organic celery

Juice of half a lemon juice

It’s my no-nonsense combo. I know it will taste delicious, and provide a ton of nutrition. So, I kept it pretty simple and very, very green.

The juicer worked so well! It’s powerful and although I cut up my apple and veggies well before juicing, it handled it them all no problem! And clean up really wasn’t a hassle. Neither was assembling or disassembling. I like the citrus attachment as well, since I love to finish the juice with lemon or lime and used to have to squeeze it in myself! This means more juice and less waste.


Ahhh...dinner. Time to end the night with something warm, comforting, and flavorful. I crave savory and spicy flavors…. often. Here are some of my favorite things, ever…chips, salsa, guacamole, cilantro, more salsa…and jalapeños. I like super spicy!

Those Mexican flavor combos are literally heaven to me. But, sustaining on salty fried tortilla chips certainly isn’t a balanced dinner. So, I kept the chips and added some goodness too. Like black beans, onion, salsa, olives and fresh fragrant cilantro.

But the kicker was this CASHEW POTATO NACHO “CHEESE” SAUCE. It’s coming to the blog, guys. Right after I make it again and actually measure everything out. I promise!

It was made with nutritional yeast, cashews, almond milk (this time unflavored and not the same as this morning), potato <— the secret ingredient, diced tomato, green chilies and lime juice. So good, like…SO GOOD.

I blend up a lot of seeds and nuts to make dairy free alternatives. And although I soaked the cashews for all of 30 minutes, I knew I needed a powerful blender to create the consistency I wanted for this nacho cheese. It turned out perfect! Not clumpy at all- the Juiceman Express Whole Juicer powered through the cashews and other ingredients and created the most rich and creamy nacho dip.

I warmed it all up on the stove, added a few finishing touches like the tomatoes and chilies, and served over the nachos. I reluctantly shared with my bf and the nachos were a hit!

As you can see I have a wide variety in my diet. I listen to my body, my hunger cues, etc. I don’t like to eat the same thing everyday because I can’t stand how boring that gets. Same reason why I don’t meal plan or batch cook much.

But the common theme for my daily meals is to include the plant based proteins (sunflower seeds, almond butter, whole grains, black beans – and that was just for today!), healthy fats, and a hearty dose of veggies and fruits to keep the energy and nourishment up.

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** These products were gifted to me, and sponsored by Juiceman, however all opinions are my own.