recipesGuest Blogger: Danielle's Kitchen "What I Ate Today"

Thursday, August 4, 2016 1:00 PM

Today's post is in collaboration with Juiceman Juicers. In exchange for a blog post, I was gifted a juicer and blender. I only promote companies I truly love, and thank you all for the continued support that make posts like these possible!

AUGUST. NOOOOO. That means I'm going back to school soon, and that means tons of stress (COMBINED WITH COLLEGE APPS). Let's focus on the positive- it's still summer and I'm sharing a full day of eats today!

Before a tennis lesson, I snacked on two of these peanut butter and pumpkin cookies. The recipe will be coming soon but warning- HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. They're super sweet and the right amount of pumpkin: peanut butter ratio. SO BOMB. I also had a handful of un-pictured green grapes. OH, and coffee. LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE.

After tennis, I was a hungry beast. I roasted two tiny sweet potatoes in the oven while I showered, and they were ready when I came up! I mashed them up and added them to a bowl of Greek yogurt, Purely Elizabeth granola, diced peaches (SO JUICY GAH I DIED), hemp hearts, Goji berries, cacao nibs, and Wild Friends Honey Pretzel PB. I added a S**T ton of cinnamon and almond milk post photo.

Aug01 Juiceman Guest Blogger Danielle's Kitchen

Around 2:00, I pulled out my Juiceman Juicer, and made a spinach, banana, and apple juice with ginger and cinnamon. I'm not usually a juice person, but the machine was super easy to use and easy to clean, so it made the process easier! Plus, it tasted amazing and I got a bunch of energy from it, which is a huge win. I will definitely be making these in bulk to have in the morning when I'm late to school or something of that sort!

After that juice, I had two classic toast combos: avocado with a fried egg, and almond butter with strawberries & hemp hearts.

I had a four hour shift at work, and when I got to my 10 minute break, I was STARVING. Trade Joes recently started selling these mango chia puddings, so I decided to see if I liked it since it's soft food and I wanted to know what I would be able to eat when I got my wisdom teeth out. Verdict: it's good!

When I came home around 8, I made a gigantic bowl of roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts, spinach, romaine, tomatoes, baked tofu, hummus, avocado, and goat cheese. The dressing is hummus, Sriracha, mustard, and apple cider vinegar. DO IT. Devoured it in about ten minutes if we're being honest.

Night snack was some cereal with peanut butter cups to cure my sweet tooth that you know I was too hungry to photograph.

Thanks for reading all about my strange day of eats that included trying new foods and products. See y'all soon!